Nicely formatted Cover letter\CV\Resume

Isn’t it a pain to format a word document to look nicely? Instead of wasting all that time, there is an easier way to find a nice template online. We can be super lazy an use this resource for latex templates:

The website contains a lot of templates for all the document types you can think of – books, CV, posters and others. The website allows your to edit, view and compile your document online, or alternatively download it to your own personal computer and compile the latex file over there.

One caveat is to get a latex compiler up and running on your own computer. Also, some document types don’t work with the usual:

pdflatex filename.tex

And instead work with:

xelatex  coverletter.tex



Paper submission checklist

When submitting papers, one often forgets the most basic things that might greatly annoy reviewers. Here is a short checklist, that I will most definitely continue expanding:

  1. Are the references\citations consistent, e.g ACM Trans. Graph. TOG versus ACM Transactions of Graphics
  2. If there is a bullet point or numerated list, do all items and in a dot?
  3. Is the mathematical notation consistent
  4. Does the ‘tex’ file compile without question marks [?]
  5. Are there no typos
  6. Did you run a spellchecker on the ‘tex’ file
  7. Is the category code correct
  8. Are the keywords correct
  9. If there is text embedded in figures, is the text scaled when embedding multiple figures together on the same row
  10. Make sure equations that are not references don’t have numbers (not that important)
  11. Video: Make sure it accompanying video is less than 5 minutes. Make sure to not go into too much details, so the paper can “speak for itself”. For example, when talking about a technical point, show a relevant video demonstrating that point.
  12. More to come